Moxibustion is based on thermal stimulation that applied to the body activates the blood circulation, oxygenates the area treated, recovers yang; warms the meridians, eliminates stagnation, cold and dampness; detoxifies and generally improves the quality of life of patients and their sense of wellbeing. It is done with the so-called mugwort or St. John's wort plant that has essential oils and tannins.

Moxibustion applications are numerous, among them are the following:

Articular pain as arthritis.
Ailments caused by cold, such as osteoarthritis and lumbar stiffness.
Menstrual type problems and infertility.
Stressful situations.
Regulates the digestive system: indicated for anemia and loss of appetite.
Increases production of white blood cells and hemoglobin.
Improves circulation problems.

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