Yoga is anything that gives us a sense of Unity and helps us to connect with our true nature…
This can happen practicing Yoga, walking on nature, drinking a cup of tea…
In the simplicity of life we can experience and wake up to the totality of our being.

I started practicing yoga in 2004, on my first class I realized that the peace I was craving for so long it is within me...
It was not any external or material object and it could not be closer to me… because in fact it was me…

Since then I decided, to travel, research and train myself to share this realization with the rest of humanity.

I trained in different Yoga schools over 12 years living and exploring South-east Asia, where I also discovered, incorporate and practice Vipassana meditation.

My style of yoga is a mixture of all my experience with the precision and therapeutic aspect of Iyengar. The fluidity, energy and creativity of Vinyasa and the meditation and introspection of Vipassana.

 The practice focuses on the 3 main principles of yoga:
Breathing: The main tool we have in life to eradicate stress, change our body-mind conditioning and guide us to the present moment.
Alignment: It helps to have a save practice, injury free
Meditation: We use it as a tool for observation of our thoughts and patterns and bring our mind to a free conditioning space, where there is room and openness for the our inner peace recognition.

I offer:
* Private classes
* Groups classes
* Retreats

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