About us

zen acupuncture clinic milpitas

You probably know yourself that many doctors go into this profession for money. Acupuncture specialists are no exception. 
Many of them go work to the clinics just for the sake of earnings, they are not even interested in the health of patients and want to finish their appointments with them as soon as possible. Their clinic is like a conveyor belt. The faster - the better for business...

Our clinic staff works exclusively for patients. It is really important for our doctors to heal you. We want you to know that and expect that when you come to Zen Acupuncture Clinic! 
Our specialists love their patients, And they heal! 

Many patients leave happy after the first visit, although some health issues require longer treatment. Our clinic works from the very heart, for your sake, dear patients.

Where we are located?

1717 N.Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas 95035, CA
(669) 263 5969
Email: zenacu.clinic@gmail.com
Business hours: 9am - 6 pm

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