Does Acupuncture Work? Benefits and Scientific Proof!

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While skiing, he fell and received terrible injuries, as a result of which he no longer felt his left arm and received several fractures of the cervical spine.

Bertolini survived and after several operations was able to partially regain the sensitivity of the hand, but it was still far from full recovery. He continued to suffer severe pains.
Several years later, Bertolini was promoted to CEO of Aetna. Now he is considered one of the richest American businessmen and continues to actively promote non-traditional methods of treatment.

The fascination of progressive minds in the West (including those directly related to health care) with awareness and alternative medicine is not news at all, but a trend that has taken shape.
When Fast Company magazine asked Silicon Valley investors in early 2018 what areas they would be investing in the most over the next year, it also mentioned alternative medicine practices. Including acupuncture. Especially at Milpitas Zen Clinic. 

Why would anyone who is used to thinking rationally, dealing with technology, finance and management, suddenly bet on non-traditional Chinese practices?
Not only those who are looking for health for their body and soul, but also women of fashion who want to get smooth skin are fond of acupuncture.
Modern science has not yet figured out the secret of acupuncture. Scientists cannot agree on whether to take this treatment seriously. But some of the latest research suggests indirectly that it works. However, researchers really cannot say exactly how.
On July 10, the journal JAMA Oncology (published by the American Medical Association) published the results of a randomized clinical trial designed to study the efficacy of acupuncture in the treatment of chronic pain in cancer patients.
To do this, scientists have selected women with early stage breast cancer who are in menopause. All of them suffered from pain syndrome as a side effect of taking aromatase inhibitors, which reduce the concentration of estrogen in the blood. These drugs can help fight breast cancer, but they often cause joint pain.
The women in the study had not taken opioid pain relievers or had been treated for arthralgia with acupuncture before.

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Half of the participants received a regular course of acupuncture twice a week for one and a half months. The rest were divided in half: one group did not undergo such therapy at all, the other underwent a course of false acupuncture (in such cases, experts put needles in the wrong points that are believed to need to be stimulated in order to achieve the desired effect).
As a result, the participants who received the real acupuncture course reported a significant improvement in the condition after six weeks compared to the other two groups.
At the same time, the article on the results of the study says that the results obtained have "uncertain clinical significance" - that is, scientists are not sure what is the reason for the positive effect and whether this method can be actively used.

In addition, in 2008, a group of scientists came to the completely opposite conclusion about the effectiveness of acupuncture - they found that there was almost no difference between the effect of real acupuncture and a false one, that is, the treatment only works like a placebo.
However, there are scientists who, on the basis of their research, conclude that the difference between the analgesic effect between real and false acupuncture is not very large, but still there is, that is, acupuncture cannot be attributed to placebo.
A meta-analysis published in the fall of 2017 in the journal of the American Society for the Study of Pain showed that the pain relief effect of acupuncture lasts long enough - over the next year, it decreases by only 15%, they concluded.
Acupuncture in its traditional understanding is designed to restore the balance of the Qi energy that is vital for a person, the flows of which for one negative reason or another are blocked inside the body. It is in order to restore these flows that acupuncturists insert needles at specific points, stimulating the nerves and muscles. According to legend, the "map" of points important for acupuncture was compiled by Chinese masters in ancient times.

In 2010, Chinese acupuncture techniques were included in the UNESCO Intangible World Cultural Heritage Sites.
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