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Even though patients come to us with countless physical and emotional signs and symptoms, we need to look far beyond these obvious signs to the roots of their pathology. The patient’s primary complaint should never be at the center of our treatment efforts. This does not mean that you should not resort to superficial symptoms. We certainly want to provide our patients with symptom relief, but the main focus of our treatment should be the cause of their symptoms. Equilibrium will prevail when the physician reaches the roots of the disorder and will help the patient to move away from his or her pathology. A LAC who does not have a spirit will not be able to find the root of the disease in the patient’s spirit. Our specialist at Milpitas clinic will help you!

This article explores what it means to heal from the heart. Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with skills and knowledge that we do not notice the importance of our personal qualities in treatment. If we want to invoke the spirit of our patients, we must, as practitioners, have a high level of character and spiritual development.


For acupuncture treatment to be effective, it must be performed by acupuncturists whose spirit is combined with the heart and spirit of the patient. The Chinese call the knowledge it takes an acupuncturist’s spirit and hand to know how to find a patient’s spirit. Knowing what comes from the spirit gives us the knowledge that we can live a balanced life. It is a combination of intelligence, wisdom, talent and ability. This condition involves being aware of or knowing the patient’s condition; the ability to express this knowledge to oneself and one's patient; and the ability to show strength or healing through the heart. Our doctor in Zen Clinic of Milpitas puts her heart into each and every treatment. That what makes here the best in her field. 

Nine keys to healing

Mikio Sanki offers nine healing keys divided into three triads. These keys describe the characteristics of great acupuncturists. You will see that with each successive triad of qualities, they become less practical (and more spiritual).

The triad below consists of skill, knowledge, and purpose. Almost everyone who completes a reputable Chinese medical program will have the skills and knowledge. However, the intention requires additional thought by the acupuncturist, as it involves more than just the skillful placement of needles in precise acupuncture points. The Best acupuncture practitioner must have all three qualities before he can strive for higher levels of treatment.

The middle triad is made up of trust, intuition, and integrity. Virtue and intention are essential to encourage patients to make the necessary energy changes. In order to identify the true source of the imbalance, the patient must trust the physician’s integrity. How often do we consider the importance of integrity in today’s world? Unfortunately too often.

The above triad consists of forgiveness, compassion, and unconditional love / wisdom. The healing process begins when the doctor delivers unconditional love for each treatment, as this energy is registered in every cell and at all levels of the patient. Sanki explains that real healing involves much more than just working on physical, emotional, and mental imbalances. The best Treatment involves helping our patients find the right path in life. Once they reveal who they really are, the healing process will flourish at all levels.

Sanki claims that doctors who have all nine keys are highly trained and best able to correct the patient’s deepest imbalance. We all have the energies of the three triads, but some work may need to be expressed. Once we have received all nine keys, we will be able to unlock the real imbalance in our patients. How many of the nine keys do you have?

There are a few things we can do as practitioners to be able to unlock these nine healing keys that lie within us. After reading this article (and the accompanying verse that appears at the end), we encourage you to look into your heart and see if you are on your way to becoming a best acupuncturist.

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If we want to help our patients discover their true nature, it is very important that we go on the path of healing on our own. However, this does not mean that we have to complete our healing process because it is a continuous process that goes on throughout life. We need to go beyond the most basic level of knowledge and skills and strive to develop our intuition. Discovering the capacity for intuition is important because intuition is the only part of us that can fully understand the nature of things. Intuitive treatment of patients based on their spirit truly captures the essence of this ancient Chinese art. For intuition to work freely, we must learn to calm our mind. When we are open to intuition, our spirit guides us along the path of healing. This path is not for those with a heart; it’s all, but it’s not easy. Rewards for spiritual growth are worth harder. 

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