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After installation of the needles, painful sensations localized in the area of ​​the formation of hernia quickly disappear. This is explained by the expressed locally irritating action of the needles of the phlecotherapy. Two groups of impulses are now entering the CNS - from the zone of displacement of the intervertebral discs and from the surface of the skin. 

Skin processing is very fast; they activate neurons, which block the brain waste, which respond to the perception of pain.

Acupuncture effect body in a following ways:

  • • Improvement of blood circulation, microcirculation, stimulating regeneration;

  • • fulfillment of food stocks in damaged wood, bone tissues;

  • • hernia treatment;

  • • elimination of inflammatory edema, crushing spinal cords;

  • • Increase of local immunity.

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The mental and emotional state of a person is also improved, since when the needle is installed on certain points, one can relax or stimulate the CNS. In the active zones there are sensitive nerve endings. They are a part of the endoprofinergic system, therefore, when they are excited, the pituitary gland begins to actively release endopphins, which are relaxing, very useful.

Why west medicine dosnt prescribe an acupuncture of hernia problems?

Zen Acupuncture in Milpitas explains  that the main reason is the lack of qualified acupuncturists in their in-network. Even after completing the training, long-term practice with the guidance of experienced doctors is required to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge. The situation is subdued by the skeptical attitude of the official medicine to traditional Chinese methods of treatment. Although in this country, needle puncturing can be used as the first aid for removing painful "shots" in the arm or on a strong mouse

Often the lack of knowledge of the doctor about the principles of the action of needle puncturing is the reason for it not being assigned to patients. There is an opinion that the therapeutic action is based on the effect of "pacifier": the patient heals, if it is 100% sure in the useful properties of the needle tip.

Be sure, our doctors at Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Milpitas will help you with hernia problems.

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