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The procedure of acupuncture implies a directed acupressure on the reflex centers in which biologically active points are located. Each of these points is associated with certain organs and is responsible for their work. With the help of acupuncture sessions, there is a therapeutic effect and a person's well-being is corrected without the use of medicines and traditional medicines.

At the Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Milpitas, the reception is conducted by a qualified reflexologist who provides acupuncture services using special disposable needles, who has undergone appropriate training and has extensive knowledge about the location of bioactive points.

To maximize the effectiveness of the acupuncture procedure, an individual approach is used to determine the reflex points that will be affected by acupuncture. Thus, the desired result from the session is achieved.

When are acupuncture sessions prescribed?

Acupuncture, as a method of therapy, is used by specialists of the treatment and diagnostic center for:

● Relieve pain

● Correction of the psycho-emotional state

Treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system








Treatment of neurological diseases

osteocondritis of the spine



headaches of various etiologies

rehabilitation after a stroke and traumatic brain injury

vegetovascular dystonia




vertebral hernias


depressive states


After acupuncture sessions in Zen Acupuncture at Milpitas, well-being improves, metabolism and hormone production normalize. Acupuncture also helps to strengthen the immune system. In addition to the healing effect, the impact on the reflex centers helps to improve the psychophysical state.

How is the therapeutic effect of acupuncture achieved?

The effect of acupuncture is due to the properties of the nervous system. When the doctor acts on certain points, the nervous system is activated, including several of its mechanisms at once. This is due to the fact that the action of the needle excites nerve connections, as a result of which the nerve impulse reaches the reflex zones located in the cerebral cortex. After that, interneuronal cells are activated, which in turn block the pain impulse from the organ affected by the disease. Thanks to this feature, the effect of anesthesia is achieved.

During a session of reflexology, the work of the nervous system itself improves. This is because through the nerve endings of the reflex points, the impulse reaches the gray matter of the brain, where the centers of the endorphinergic system are located. As a result of this process, the function of the pituitary gland is launched, which begins to produce endorphins. They have not only analgesic properties, but also have a positive effect on the functioning of the nervous system as a whole.

So the impact on individual reflex points can affect individual organs. This is manifested by the fact that blood supply is normalized in them and all its functions are restored. Conducted magnetic resonance imaging studies using a tomograph only prove the effectiveness of acupuncture in the treatment of diseases.

When is acupuncture contraindicated?

Reflexology sessions are contraindicated in the following cases:

● Children under the age of 1;

● Neoplasms;

● Leukemia and other blood diseases;

● Mental disorders;

● Feverish conditions;

● Alcohol intoxication;

● Infectious and venereal diseases;

● Pregnancy;

● Varicose disease;

● Skin diseases

In some cases, sessions of reflexology are carried out with caution. Such cases include:

● The patient's age is over 70 years;

● General depletion of the body;

● Severe dystrophy of muscle tissue;

● Violation of the function of cerebral circulation;

● Poliomyelitis;

● Multiple sclerosis;

● Emotional overstrain, as well as physical overwork

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