Does Acupuncture Help to Prevent or After a Stroke? Zen Acupuncture Clinic Doctor Answers the Question

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Acupuncture is the most recognized traditional Chinese medicine in the world. The first treatise on the principles of acupuncture dates back to the 3rd century BC. In 2002, the World Health Organization released an analysis of a number of reliable acupuncture studies. It listed a list of diseases for which the effectiveness of the traditional technique was proven. From this document it follows that acupuncture in stroke has a beneficial effect. Let's take a closer look at how traditional Chinese medicine helps modern patients.

The relevance of acupuncture in stroke

Doctor Yang, from Zen Clinic of Milpitas says - "A stroke is an acute violation of cerebral circulation caused by rupture or blockage of blood vessels, which leads to severe, sometimes irreversible damage to brain tissue. The frequency of the disease is 460-560 cases per 100,000 population. Risk factors include hypertension, obesity, smoking, physical inactivity, and age over 50."

A stroke has severe consequences: up to 84-87% of those affected by this vascular disease die or become disabled, 16-13% recover. Among survivors, about half experience a second attack within the next 5 years. With such a high incidence and disability of the victims, additional methods of rehabilitation after a stroke are of particular importance, which contribute to the recovery and return of patients to their usual lives.

What is acupuncture

"Acupuncture" can be translated from Chinese as "treatment by vital points." According to the theories of ancient Chinese doctors, life energy - qi - circulates inside a person through meridian channels, and if its movement is interrupted, a person becomes ill. For treatment, specialists stimulate special points on the body with thin needles. Acupuncture for stroke can include various interventions:

pressure - massage;

laser exposure;

ultrasonic radiation;

using a low voltage current supplied to the needle

How does acupuncture affect rehabilitation?

Scientists and doctors, such as doctor Yang at Zen Acupuncture Clinic of Milpitas and Fremont, believe that the beneficial effect of acupuncture in stroke is based on the following components of the technique:

stimulation of the formation of new nerve cells in the central nervous system;

improvement of cerebral blood flow in the affected area;

protection of neurons from death;

regulation of neurotransmitter metabolism;

improved synapse function;

stimulation of neuroplasticity - the ability of the brain to restore lost functions;

a decrease in the permeability of the blood-brain barrier, which protects brain tissue from microorganisms circulating in the blood.

The impact of the needles increases blood flow and stimulates the nerve endings in the affected areas. On the one hand, acupuncture promotes increased production of joy hormones, which work as natural analgesics. On the other hand, pain signals from injections of damaged areas are transmitted faster to the brain, which activates regenerative processes. Scientists observe this effect during MRI during acupuncture.

Features of acupuncture after a stroke

Acupuncture and other acupuncture techniques are not prescribed in the acute period. Typically, the techniques are used at the stage of rehabilitation, after the patient is discharged from the hospital, when neurological symptoms begin to improve.

To achieve a lasting effect, the procedures are prescribed in combination. The patient may need several courses, between which it is worth taking a break of 1-2 weeks.

Rehabilitation after a stroke


Scientific studies have proven the positive effect of acupuncture in patients with movement disorders. Acupuncture helps reduce the impact of cognitive impairment caused by acute cerebrovascular accident. The technique is effective with increased muscle tone - spasticity, with paresis of the facial nerve. If a patient has difficulty swallowing food after a stroke and dysphagia occurs, then acupuncture may also be useful. There are few works on the effect of acupuncture on the prevention of recurrent strokes and on the prevention of the disease, but rehabilitation specialists believe that there is a positive effect. 

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