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ACUPUNCTURE IS ONE OF THE BRANCHES OF UNCONVENTIONAL MEDICINE. Is it better comparing to western medicine? Which one is the best in Milpitas?

It is often criticized by advocates of the evidence-based approach, according to which curative and preventive measures should be applied only after their effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific research.

Nevertheless, the demand for the services of acupuncturists has been growing in recent years, scientists from leading universities like Yale urge not to abandon therapy just because its mechanism has not yet been fully understood, and everyone at least once heard about the pain-relieving effect of “needles” from arthritis sufferers older relatives. We decided to understand - as much as possible - the nature of acupuncture, consulted with supporters and critics of the direction and found out whether it is worth trying this technique at all.

Both reflexology and acupuncture alone are practices that are vast in terms of scope, which differ in instruments and methods of influencing the active points of the body. In accordance with the philosophy of oriental medicine (and without philosophy there is nowhere in it), these points are not located chaotically, but along the meridian channels through which the vital energy of qi flows. Qi is one of the fundamental concepts in Chinese culture and alternative medicine, which migrated from there, for example, to the New Age: adherents of Chinese philosophy believe that it permeates not only the human body, but the whole world. In turn, on the meridian channels at different depths there are supposedly active points, through each of which you can get to the qi energy. Practicing reflexoretapists believe that the correct effect on certain active points can adjust the flow of qi in a person and ultimately save him from almost all health problems.

Which Acupuncture Clinic is the best in Milpitas?

Reflexology specialists, as well as supporters of traditional medicine, consider the whole organism as an interconnected system and proceed from the considerations that it is also necessary to approach its treatment in a comprehensive manner. A competent acupuncturist seeks to eliminate not only the symptoms of the disease, because this contradicts the holistic approach of acupuncture: if you do not look back at the condition of the whole body, correcting one problem can provoke the emergence of another.

For the patient, each procedure does not differ much from the previous one: before the session, the doctor conducts diagnostics, according to it, he places sterile needles in the required number and order (if necessary, he can additionally warm up or massage individual points) and leaves it alone for twenty to thirty minutes. The peculiarity of acupuncture sessions is that each next one is slightly more painful than the previous one: this is explained by the fact that the conductivity of the nerves gradually increases. So, according to the sensitivity to injections in the third or fourth session, one can understand their susceptibility to them.

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The spectrum of problems that acupuncture promises to solve is great, but not endless. Dr. Yang, a reflexology specialist at the Zen Clinic of MIlpitasclinic, an intensive care physician and a neurologist, says that acupuncture cures well problems of the musculoskeletal system, problems of the gastrointestinal tract and perfectly normalizes the nervous system. “Most of the patients come with spinal problems, as this is traditionally associated with acupuncture. But sometimes in the process a few more side effects are solved. For example, a woman came with a spinal problem typical for a sedentary lifestyle: muscles are constrained, nerves are pinched, the discs of the spine press against each other. As a result of several sessions, her nervous system also calmed down, she began to react less emotionally to work problems, ”Dr. Yang shares her experience. However, he admits that acupuncture should not be considered a panacea, but an alternative or complementary treatment. It cannot be a substitute for antibiotics and abdominal surgeries, if indicated. “Acupuncture cannot cure ankylosing spondylitis and bronchial asthma, but it can significantly improve the quality of life in these diseases: reduce pain, improve the quality of breathing,” explains dr. Yang.

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According to him, acupuncture can be combined with traditional treatment: for example, in case of serious arthritic problems, when surgery is indicated, acupuncture can significantly reduce pain before and after surgery. With some types of hernias, acupuncture can be a substitute for surgery, but no sane acupuncturist will undertake to treat kidney and gallbladder stones - this is the task of traditional surgery. Endocrinologist Nikita Taller explains that acupuncture is often used by nutritional centers, but it is always an addition to diet therapy and exercise therapy. The use of reflexology in sports medicine is a special topic: it now uses everything “from genetic engineering to alchemy”.

According to Taller, theoretically, acupuncture is safe enough if it is performed in a specialized institution with sterile needles and at a regulated penetration depth, and not in a clandestine Chinese medicine cabinet. "In my field of activity (clinical endocrinology), reflexology is practically not used, in domestic and foreign treatment algorithms and guidelines of leading associations, acupuncture is not indicated among the recommended treatment methods." He also says that acupuncture has long been tried, but not very successfully, to relieve pain in patients with complications of diabetes (diabetic polyneuropathy). However, such pain is not always relieved even by narcotic pain relievers and anticonvulsants.

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