Sciatic Nerve Treatment with Acupuncture

Welcome to Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Milpitas website! Do we treat sciatic nerve problems? Yes we do.

Pinching or sciatica occurs against a background of many diseases and causes and causes severe pain in the lower back and gluteal region (lumbodynia), aggravated by movement. Attempts to reposition with a chiropractor or thoughtless drug pain relief do not lead to a result - the problem (usually lumbosacral sciatica and osteochondrosis of the spine) is aggravated, and it becomes more and more difficult to treat the sciatic nerve.

Treatment of a pinched sciatic nerve with acupuncture is one of the most humane, painless and natural methods that allows you to use the natural mechanisms and resources of the body. Acupuncture when the sciatic nerve is pinched has anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects, and treats the root cause of inflammation, achieving complete recovery.


Sciatica inflammation can be caused by a wide variety of problems and causes, and pinching is only possible when the diagnosis is correct. The disease can be caused by:

  • spinal injuries that interfere with normal mobility and pinch the sciatic nerve;
  • diabetes mellitus, gout, hormonal disruptions that affect metabolism, and hence the state of the intervertebral discs;
  • viral and infectious diseases (malaria, tuberculosis, syphilis);
  • oncological diseases with metastases in the spine, due to which the nerve ending becomes inflamed;
  • long-term poisoning affecting the nervous system, including the sciatic nerve;
  • pregnancy.


The Zen Acupuncture Center in Milpitas operates under the guidance of a hereditary physician from a family with a long medical history. The principles and techniques of acupuncture have been developed and passed down from generation to generation in the family, and the exchange of experience with other famous doctors of Chinese medicine has allowed to form an effective system for the treatment of any neurological disorders.

Inflammation is treated in four stages:

  • relief of acute pain;
  • diagnostics and planning of sessions;
  • elimination of the root cause of pinching;
  • supportive preventive procedures.

Acupuncture for inflammation of the sciatic nerve is an ideal choice for relieving pain in 1-2 sessions. The absence of pain sets the patient up in an optimistic mood and helps relieve stress and fatigue. Relief from pinching pain and numbness with acupuncture not only blocks pain signals from the body, but reduces swelling and restores sensitivity.

After anesthesia, the doctors proceed to the examination and find out what caused the sciatic nerve inflammation - an intervertebral hernia, which pinches the nerve ending, disc protrusion, osteochondrosis, sciatica, etc. In parallel, a study of muscle strength and reflexes is carried out to detect neurological problems arising from pinching.

Treatment of pinching at the third stage involves the use of acupuncture according to a special individual scheme, depending on what cause of the disease was identified by specialists during the diagnosis process. Acupuncture is used both in the immediate vicinity of the sciatic nerve and on bioactive points of the body located on the head, arms, legs, back or front. During treatment, thin disposable needles are inserted at different depths for a period of 20 to 40 minutes, possibly additional irritating effect on the needles during the procedure.

Acupuncture of the sciatic nerve helps:

  • eliminate inflammation;
  • relieve spasms;
  • improve blood circulation;
  • ease the load on the vertebrae;
  • eliminate muscle blocks;
  • improve metabolism;
  • start the process of restoration of intervertebral discs and connective tissues.

The inflammation is reduced and the patient is able to enjoy life without worrying about complications.

Benefits of acupuncture treatment for sciatic nerve inflammation:

  • high efficiency based on the treatment of the root cause of the disease;
  • safety - no contraindications;
  • long-term results - acupuncture can help you cope with pain for a long time.

Pinching often occurs due to a sedentary lifestyle, which requires the patient to engage in physical activity. Specialists of the Zen Clinic in Milpitas will not only diagnose, develop a plan and treat inflammation with acupuncture, but also develop a plan for improving Qigong gymnastics in order to avoid new exacerbations.

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