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Acupuncture as a way to heal and normalize the processes occurring in the body came to us from Chinese medicine. The first descriptions of this method date back to the 5th century BC, it penetrated into European medicine and spread thanks to French doctors in the 17th century.

And only at the beginning of the 20th century, the American physician William Fitzgerald was able to prove that by acting on certain areas of the body, it is possible to evoke a response in different systems and organs of the body. He is considered the founder of modern reflexology and acupuncture as its main method, thanks to which the processes of human self-healing are activated.

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Today this method has been assimilated in various medical schools around the world. In America, for example, acupuncture is officially recognized by the National Institutes of Health and is part of the package of services provided under an insurance policy. The World Health Organization (WHO) also recommends acupuncture for dozens of diseases. This method is actively practiced in Russia, because its advantages are undeniable - the absence of side effects, addiction, allergic reactions, the persistence of the results obtained.

Unbelievable, but it is a fact

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According to the theory of Chinese medicine, which is behind the acupuncture method, the human body is divided into meridians along which the vital energy "qi" moves. Each organ is connected in a system with a specific meridian and specific acupuncture points. If the energy moves in the right direction, a person is healthy, and a violation of the energy flow leads to various diseases. By influencing acupuncture points, you can also influence energy, returning its flow to the correct path and eliminating pain in the corresponding organ.

“Of course, such a metaphysical and philosophical description of the method, combined with the peculiarities of the Chinese mentality and language, is difficult to fit into the paradigm of modern evidence-based medicine,” says dr Yang, acupuncturist at the Olimp Health Family Medicine Center. - This is the main paradox of acupuncture - both patients and doctors state steady progress in treatment with acupuncture, but how it is achieved is not yet possible to explain by conventional scientific methods. There are several theories that try to interpret the effect of reflexology and acupuncture in particular, but none of them fully succeeded. However, for patients, the evidence of acupuncture is, by and large, not important - they just see and feel the results. But medical researchers are still trying to fit this method into the matrix of traditional science. In particular, an important factor in the scientific validity of the method was the discovery and description at the morphological level of an acupuncture point - that is, a part of the body that differs from the surrounding tissues in its properties. Of course, work on deciphering the "gene of effectiveness" of acupuncture will continue.

What are acupuncture points?

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Acupuncture points, or biologically active points (BAP), are those places on the body through which the doctor receives an “alarm signal” from the affected organ. Scientists do not have a consensus about how many such points we have - different acupuncture schools operate with different numbers, but all agree that the count goes to hundreds: from 600 and above.

“Doctors do not have the task of identifying and describing all these points, but even their approximate number indicates how great the possibilities of the“ point ”setting for self-healing of our body are,” explains Dr Yang. - Both in China itself and in Europe there are many acupuncture schools that operate with a different number of points. In the official school of Chinese medicine that I follow, doctors use two or more points, depending on the nature of the disease and the intended purpose of the therapy.

At the acupuncture point, when the needle is inserted, various "unusual sensations" may occur, which indicate the correctness of the procedure.

What health problems can acupuncture help with?

In China, the range of application of acupuncture is as wide as possible - the method is even used as an alternative to anesthesia during surgical interventions, there are cases of scarless restoration of burn surfaces after a course of acupuncture.

“Through acupuncture, we can influence all systemic organs with varying degrees of effectiveness,” confirms doctor Yang from ZEN Acupuncture in Milpitas. - But the most "grateful" areas are the musculoskeletal system, neck and back pain, chondrosis, scoliosis, problems with joints and muscles, pain symptoms of various etiologies, meniscopathy, neurological disorders, hypertension, neuropathies, that is, damage to peripheral nerves after trauma or in the process of rehabilitation, mental disorders (insomnia, neurasthenia, phobias, neuroses, depression, panic attacks), problems of gastroenterology, endocrinology, various muscle spasms, allergic conditions. The therapeutic effect in these cases is due to a decrease in the intensity of compression of the nerve roots by relaxing spasmodic muscles and reducing the edema of adjacent tissues, improving blood supply and outflow of lymph from the tissues surrounding the focus of pain.

The effectiveness of acupuncture treatment depends on how advanced the problem is. In China, for example, in the early stages of the disease, the patient is first prescribed movement therapy, then massage and needles, and finally pharmaceuticals. Certain restrictions on the use of acupuncture in the phase with organic pathology also exist in European medicine. In the case of deep pathological changes, acupuncture can only provide supportive therapy, and only when there are no obvious indications for surgery. This method is recommended with great caution to patients in very old age. Contraindications include cancer due to the risk of stimulating unwanted processes, acute infectious conditions, purulent skin diseases, epilepsy.

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