Acupuncture to Loose Weight. Best acupuncturist in Fremont and Milpitas

best acupuncture clinic milpitas, fremont
If you want to loose extra kilos, than this is Acupuncture for weight loss - personal experience of one of our patients.
I had such an experience. In this case, a needle is inserted near the ear and does not take off for a while, according to the doctor from Zen Acupuncture Clinic in Milpitas, this needle acts to suppress appetite. But if you think that the needle is in your ear and you are fluttering along the beach like a slender butterfly, then you are mistaken. In addition to the needles near the ear, needles are also screwed into the places of your favorite fat accumulation for better fat burning. I had needles in the thighs and on my stomach.

But that's not all, in addition to this, you are given a list of prohibited foods and a recommended diet. Yes, yes, eating tons of rolls, eating candy canes and relying on needles will not work.

Acupuncture in order to lose weight is not a bad thing and is useful for health, however, in all honesty, I can say that sitting on the ration that I was allowed to eat, I would have lost weight anyway. Weight loss was 7 kg in 2 months. I didn’t want to eat much, but I still wanted to, however, I didn’t have such wild craving / love for sweets as usual.

From the side effects of the needle near the ear, I can say that the puncture site at me about once a year or two becomes slightly inflamed for some unclear reason.
I love acupuncture treatment. This doctor from Zen Clinic is very good!

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